Other in-store services

Phone pairing. Replacement of batteries. Replacement of filter, domes and receivers. Training and support on how to best care for your hearing device. Retubing hearing devices due to damage. Troubleshooting.

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Hearing devices repairs and maintenance

The team at Always Hear are devoted to addressing all of your hearing concerns including aftercare and management of your hearing devices. It is recommended that you bring your hearing aids in at least every 6 months for a professional clean and service by our experienced store manager in most cases no appointment is needed. … Read more

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Free hearing checks

Always Hear offers a free 15 minute hearing check to everyone aged 5+.  This is a basic hearing examination during this appointment one of our friendly team members will check your ears for wax, address any hearing concerns that you may be experiencing and provide you with different strategies to help maintain healthy ears.  No … Read more