Frequently asked questions

How long will the appointments take?

Depending on the type of appointment our hearing test ranges from 15 minutes for a basic test to 1 hour for a more comprehensive test.

Will hearing aids damage my hearing?

Hearing aids are designed to help you hear more clearly and easily. They are very sophisticated automatic devices that ensure that loud sounds do not hurt your ears. In fact, research has shown that hearing aids keep the hearing nerves and regions of the brain stimulated, which slows down the natural deterioration of hearing. Hearing in people who regularly wore hearing aids didn’t deteriorate as quickly or as much as it did in people who didn’t wear hearing aids.

Do I need a doctor or GP referral?

No doctor or GP referral is needed for your appointment. However In some circumstances your doctor may refer you to undergo a hearing assessment. They may require certain tests to be carried out. Please inform our friendly team if you have been referred to us by your doctor or specialist.

How much do hearing aids cost? 

Always Hear provides fully funded hearing devices that you may be eligible for under the Hearing Services Program (HSP).

Our hearing aids start from $900 per device with interest free payment plans available.

How does funding work?

If you receive a government pension card (blue) you may be eligible for funding under the Hearing Services Program. Ask one of our friendly staff to check your eligibility.

How long do hearing aids last?

Hearing aids come in different styles, and you can expect them to last at least 5 years with proper aftercare. At Always Hear, all our hearing devices come with a 5 year manufacturer warranty period. All adjustments, after care or any help you need is covered for the first year of your hearing aids.

When is an appropriate age to get hearing aids?

Hearing aids are able to help people of all ages with hearing loss. Hearing aids are very sophisticated, smart mini-computers that restore sound awareness, communication and quality of life for everyone from infants to adults.

What happens if I lose my hearing aid?

In the event that you lose your hearing device please contact one of our friendly team members.

How often can I come in for support with my hearing devices?

At Always Hear you are always welcome. We are devoted to supporting you in any way that we can to ensure all of your hearing concerns are addressed.

How often should I check my hearing?

We recommend having your hearing tested every year to monitor your hearing and the health of your ears. However, if you notice a sudden change or if you have any hearing concerns, you are always welcome to book an appointment with us.

How can I keep my ears clean of ear wax?

Ear wax is normal, and is produced to protect our ear canals from bacteria, water and foreign bodies. Our ears naturally clean themselves out over time as the skin in the ear canals grow outwards, so there is no need to actively remove the wax unless there is a blockage.

Cotton buds are commonly used to keep the ears clean, however they can push the wax further in or cause damage to the ear canal and eardrum. There is no safe way to remove your own ear wax without being able to see inside your ear canals.

We offer safe wax removal via micro-suctioning, where you can visualise your ear canals before and after the procedure.

Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?

If you have hearing devices, please remember to bring them along to all appointments.

We also warmly invite you to bring your significant other or a loved one along with you to your appointment for support.

Can wearing hearing aids relieve tinnitus?

Hearing aids are effective in relieving tinnitus for most people by restoring sound awareness of ambient and external sounds.

Any further question, please give us a call and our friendly team will happily assist you!