We are a community-focused audiology clinic that specialises in providing comprehensive hearing support, both on-site and at-home. At Always Hear, we guide you through your entire hearing journey, from initial screening and assessment to fitting and after-care services. Our wide range of hearing products and services are tailored to meet your communication needs and goals, incorporating the latest technologies from trusted industry brands. We offer our services on-site, remotely, and in-home, including diagnostic hearing assessments, custom ear plugs, tinnitus counseling, and micro-suction wax removal.

At Always Hear, we believe in offering the finest hearing care and solutions through independent advice and services. We take pride in delivering top-notch hearing care by going above and beyond to ensure that your personalised hearing goals and needs are met. As an independent clinic, we provide impartial recommendations to align with your hearing objectives and budget, utilising products from all Government-approved leading manufacturers in Australia.

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality hearing care possible, with expertise, passion, and integrity, to challenge the stigma surrounding hearing loss and the audiology field. We aim to reconnect you with your loved ones, community, and the joy of communication by empowering you to overcome the challenges posed by hearing loss.

Our Directors

Gerald Liew

Principal Audiologist

Jacqueline Coyle

Client Care Director

Our Principal Audiologist, Gerald Liew, is dedicated to delivering top-quality hearing care and collaborating with you to enhance your quality of life by reuniting you with your family and loved ones. Holding a Master of Clinical Audiology from the University of Melbourne, he is a fully accredited member of Audiology Australia. With experience in both metropolitan and regional clinics across two states with major industry providers, Gerald has also volunteered internationally with EARS Incorporated. In Malawi, he provided audiology services to over 1000 adults and children from underserved communities. During the outreach program, he mentored local audiology students and facilitated the fitting of more than 70 donated hearing aids on-site. Additionally, he participated in Teddy Bear Hospital events to educate children on ear health and audiology while supporting the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation through fundraising efforts over several years.

Our Client Care Director, Jacqueline Coyle, brings a wealth of experience in client engagement from various sectors like hearing services, real estate, and childcare. With a background in managing numerous hearing clinics in Victoria, she excels at cultivating and nurturing productive relationships within the community. Jacqueline is dedicated to local community initiatives such as expos, volunteer work, and enabling individuals to enjoy high-quality sound experiences.

Gerald’s vast range of experience and devotion to audiology and Jackee’s dedication to the best client care inspired the creation of Always Hear.

We are always here so you can always hear!

Our Team

Farah Akeileh


Ranee Gibbs

Client Care Coordinator

Fozia Maqsudi


Farah Akeileh has a very special interest in working with people with hearing loss and strives to bridge the communication gap between them and their loved ones. To ensure the best outcomes, her approach is client and family centered with a focus on rehabilitation. She holds a Master of Clinical Audiology from the University of Melbourne and is a fully accredited member of Audiology Australia. In the past, she operated two regional clinics in New South Wales for a major industry provider. She has also volunteered in events to increase ear health awareness in both adults and children. Farah has worn hearing devices for more than 2 decades and therefore deeply empathises with her clients and the challenges they may face, but she is excited to apply her knowledge and experience to work through it with them! 

Fozia Maqsudi commenced her academic journey with a Bachelor of Science degree at Monash University, where she completed a major in Physiology and a minor in Biochemistry. Fozia’s fascination with the intricate workings of the human body, particularly the auditory system, introduced her into the world of audiology. She is excited to learn about how we experience the world with sound. Fozia is an Audiologist at Always Hear, where she plays a pivotal role in ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of clients in need of audiological support. Her dedication to client care reflects her commitment to making a positive impact on individuals’ lives. Beyond her professional responsibilities, Fozia is a dedicated and active member of her community. Her commitment to making a positive impact has led her to devote time and energy to various causes. Fozia is no stranger to volunteering, having lent her support to organising blood donation campaigns, youth leadership programs, and peer mentoring initiatives. Her experiences have shaped her into a compassionate and empathetic advocate for hearing solutions and awareness amongst communities.

Ranee Gibbs has come from a carers background where she holds her qualification as a Personal Carers Assistant (PCA). Ranee also has spent time assisting the disadvantaged by providing them with a high level of support and care. During her time in hospitality, she focused on helping the young generation in building social confidence and rapport with customers and providing the necessary tools and guidance to build their customer service knowledge. Ranee is driven by an unwavering passion for empowering individuals and fostering positive changes in their lives. With a heart committed to guiding and supporting people, she has dedicated her career to building confidence and providing valuable assistance and knowledge to those in need. Ranee’s expertise extends to offering companionship and support to the old and younger generation, recognising the importance of connection and care in their lives. Her approach and commitment to helping other people take charge of their destinies makes her a trusted advocate for well-being and personal growth.  In every endeavour, Ranee strives to make a meaningful difference to the lives of those around her.  

Languages and Cultural Diversity

Our team comes from multiple cultures and backgrounds, and can speak multiple languages. Please indicate with our team members if you prefer to use other languages.

Gerald speaks Cantonese and Mandarin fluently.
Fozia speaks Urdu, Hindi and Dari fluently.
Farah speaks Arabic fluently.