Return, Warranty and Privacy Policy

Warranty Policy

In addition to your rights under the Australian Consumer Law, your hearing devices are covered by a manufacturer warranty. All devices we supply come with 3 year manufacturer warranty. Repairs are covered during the warranty period. For out of warranty repairs, additional fees may apply, which is set by the manufacturers.

Return Policy

At Always Hear, we offer a 30 day return period with admin fee of $250.


Always Hear is a privately owned independent audiology clinic. When visiting Always Hear, with your consent, we collect personal information (including information about your health and lifestyle) from you. This information is stored on our system and is only accessible by the team at Always Hear.

Purpose of collection

We collect information about you so we can best assess your hearing, provide you with appointment reminders, future assessments/appointments and ensure that your hearing needs have been met. If you do not wish to disclose personal information that we request from you, we may not be able to provide our services to you.

Applying for the Australian Government Hearing Services program

In order for Always Hear to check if you are eligible for the Australian Government Hearing Services Program, or to receive ongoing services from the program, we may need to collect personal information from you and disclose that information to the Department of Health.

Information collected by your hearing aids and apps

Many hearing aids now come with app connectivity. When we supply you with a hearing aid that is connected to your smart phone or tablet, the app can store certain information such as the hours of use per day, noise and characteristic of different environments it is used within. This information is used by Always Hear to provide us with a clear understanding of services and products that will best suit your needs. We may also provide hearing aid manufacturers with information, this is automatically stored by hearing aids on an anonymised basis.

Consent to telephone contact post clinic visit

After visiting Always Hear clinic, we may need to call you to remind you of upcoming appointments or to discuss future provision of service. We may also call you to ensure your hearing needs have been addressed. For the purpose of the Do Not Call Register Act 2006, we understand that we have your consent to call you for all types of purposes, and that consent is not limited. Please advise staff if you are not the account holder for number you have provided us or if you do not wish to be called.